Lithuanian?  easy!

Listen to texts with translations while you’re busy with other things

Use less effort

No grammar needed — the phrases are remembered in their correct form. During conversation, the phrase will “surface” itself in your head at the right time.

Saves time

Do whatever you would usually be doing. Just put on the earphones and turn on flyent.
Two simple steps

Active listening

Listen to the text carefully, looking at the translation, until you begin to understand it well. Usually this takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Passive listening

Listen to the text, without focusing your attention on it, many times, until it’s memorized by itself.

For best result, “get through it” in 1 to 3 days.

Why people love us
Flyent is an excellent resource to help learn Lithuanian. I have tried other resources but l have found Flyent to be one of the best and the one that I keep coming back to.. Flyent is both easy and fun to use and regular use is the key to success..
Leon Carter

Already studying Lithuanian?

flyent will help you to reinforce your knowledge with real life examples of spoken Lithuanian language.

Are you a teacher of Lithuanian?

In the flyent system you will find many natural texts which you can use in the course of your teaching.
We are open for various kinds of collaboration. Write us at
Scientific basis
Vera Felicitas Birkenbihl
Our system is based on ideas put forward by Vera Birkenbihl. Her methodology of studying foreign languages is based on the “brain-friendly” principle (German: Gehim-gerecht). This means that the brain doesn’t need to stress itself and force itself to remember, but the language is remembered automatically, just from listening to the texts (as happens naturally with small children).
How we are different
Do not require timeDo not require memorizingTexts specially selected
Ebooks, YouTube
You can listen to the first 5 texts for free. You can deepen your knowledge of the language by purchasing additional texts or using our bonus system